Erica Hess is an artist and designer living in Madison, Wisconsin. She is currently working towards her M.F.A at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, focusing on printmaking, textiles, and sculpture. She is a co-founder of the collective printmaking space, Polka Press.

Her work and research explores line and form as it is related to the body. In this exploration of line and form, Hess creates work from the transitions between two- and three-dimensional states. Using metal, wire, wood, cloth, and paper to build three-dimensional drawings, she develops sculptural prototypes that become the subject of possible drawings and prints and culminate as a sculptural installation. The sculptural work is large-scale so that the form has a relationship to the viewer’s body. She examines binary relationships of opposition such as open/closed, figure/ground, and negative/positive as a way to understand human nature, our mortality, and the inherent oppositions within us all.

Photo by Beth Skogen.