Erica Hess lives and works in Madison, Wisconsin. She received her M.F.A at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, where she focused on printmaking, textiles, and sculpture. She is a co-founder of the collective printmaking space, Polka Press.

Hess uses metal, wood, cloth, concrete and paper to build objects that abstractly address impermanence and the body. Her work develops from a process-based relationship to materials and a sense of scale in proportion to the viewer’s body. She is interested in the stories objects can tell and how these things can orient us in time and space. How do we reconcile our bodies as objects with the life of objects and forms that surround us? She is frequently grappling with the ongoing deterioration of our bodies while continuing to create art objects. 

Photo by Beth Skogen.

For additional information, email info@ericachess.com or fill out the form below.

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